Staff Engagement

When we talk about staff engagement, we are focusing on how much an individual is mentally, emotionally and behaviorally connected to their work and the organization they work for.  Most of us know what an engaged person looks like—they are energized, passionate, and committed to the success of your district and believe they will impact that success.  They exhibit discretionary effort—demonstrate what they are capable of vs. what they can do to get by. Research tells us, however, that in most organizations, less than one-third consider themselves actively engaged, but when they are, they are:

  • 3x more likely to recommend improvements
  • 4x more likely to stay in current job
  • 5x more likely to recommend their workplace

This results in a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining talent

There are many factors that impact a person’s level of engagement including a shared compelling vision of the organization’s future, opportunities for further learning and meaningful empowerment and voice. Employee engagement is at it’s strongest when all leaders are aligned around the organization’s values and consistently demonstrate behaviors that reflect a philosophy of service.  Adopting a servant or transformational leadership practice will significantly impact the culture of the organization and how all staff work together to achieve its mission. What are your plans to align your leaders to create a culture that is inspirational for all staff and students?


Drew Howick assisted in the design and facilitation of our organization's process to renew our goals.  Drew's assistance with design and facilitation was key to the successful completion of this important work.

Jim Lynch
Executive Director, AWSA

Drew brings a great deal of experience in strategic planning, facilitation, and helping team development.  His wisdom and practical approaches to getting to the heart of key discussions add great value to the process. 

If you are looking for someone that can help simplify the complex and help your teams work on what counts most, I would recommend working with Drew.

Mike Carow
President and CEO, Wind River Financial