Leadership Coaching

We believe that the value of coaching is improved organizational results. Studies show an overwhelmingly positive correlation between support for leaders through solid coaching and increased employee engagement and organizational results.

Whereas the objectives of all coaching relationships vary, most efforts are focused on improving skills in communication, leadership, and people management, along with advancing ways to increase personal effectiveness and professionalism. Hard data and feedback are fundamental to successful coaching engagements, and this includes the use of 360-degree feedback from individuals who work closely with the leader. We provide candor, objective feedback and action planning to help the leaders use the data to drive personal and professional change.


Your support of the new superintendents is realized as you promote the development of new leaders through your coaching work. Your interactions are warm and engaging and you easily build productive, professional working relationships. Your open, approachable style puts new superintendents at ease and your probing questions promote reflection, insight and growth. Thank you for providing the first year superintendents with the engagement and process facilitation skills they need to succeed in their role as superintendent, for assisting the new leaders to put new concepts into practice, and for promoting growth and reflection through the coaching process. I am grateful for your exceptional support of the new superintendents and thankful you are part of the academy team! Thank you for all that you do for the new leaders!

Kathleen Cooke, PhD.
Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators