At Patina Solutions, we know that data helps leaders and individuals drive change and achieve both strategic and individual development goals. The axiom “what gets measured, gets done” is as true in today's information rich world as in the past. It is even more crucial now to focus on the right data by asking the right people the right questions. So we fit our assessment tools, methods and questions to your unique culture, strategies, and desired outcomes.

Assessments can be done at many levels: organization, group and individual. Our consultants use web surveys, individual interviews, focus groups, and customer input to help collect the information needed. With the results in hand, leaders, teams, and individuals can establish priorities for action and select strategies to address development or priorities.

Our coaching, facilitation, and implementation support expertise means that clients are better able to follow-through on their action plans and see significant change and progress as a result of data collection efforts. Because less is often more, we help narrow the focus of the data to those high priority items or issues which lead to the most immediate, cost effective, or needed results.

Here are the surveys we provide most often:

Employee Opinion, Engagement, and Climate Surveys (please click here to open)

The data is clear and compelling: Committed, enthusiastic, and engaged employees increase customer satisfaction and retention, increase organization ROI, and are more innovative than their non or actively disengaged counterparts. It is crucial for organizations, divisions, and departments to know how engaged employees are and where to direct improvement efforts.

We help organizations quickly and effectively gauge employee engagement, opinion, and satisfaction. We believe it is crucial to show actionable results to employees as soon as possible after data collection. We help the organization's leaders quickly pinpoint strengths and gaps to leverage and address, and assist in the creation of measurable communication and action plans that provide credibility and sustainable change.

360° and Multi-Rater Feedback (please click here to open)

Patina Solutions has provided 360° and multi-rater feedback successfully to executives, managers, supervisors and individual contributors for more than 20 years. We are experts in all phases of the process, from designing the right process for your organization to simply providing data collection services when you need to outsource this crucial function. We even sell award winning software so you can provide this service cost-effectively and continually within your own organization! For more information on 360 feedback resources or 2020 Insight Gold, please click here!

The best results come when you use feedback as a developmental tool and customize the feedback statements to the unique leadership practices and competencies of your organization. Using a proprietary library of over 1,000 tested feedback statements for individuals, teams, or organizations, we can cost effectively adapt our proven questions or create just the right survey questions to support learning and improved results within your organization.

Team Effectiveness (please click here to open)

Organizations that put teams in place and neglected to equip them for success have been disappointed in the results. How effective are your teams? What additional skills do they need? Does the climate support them? Our team assessment can give you the answers.

Organizational Alignment Survey (please click here to open)

The OAS is a comprehensive, customizable diagnostic survey that rates an organization in the 13 key areas of quality customer service proven to be decisive for becoming a best-in-class competitor. It measures the progress of all departments in improving quality and customer service.

The OAS surveys an entire organization and compares it to the best organization in the constantly growing database of our partner, Persona International, providing both an internal and external benchmark.

The OAS determines how Customer Driven a company is based on employees' perceptions of importance vs. actual performance. The OAS has been developed to provide a fast and simple means for helping management decide on the objectives they wish to achieve, auditing the current situation and identifying what must be changed to achieve the objectives set. This focused approach is the most cost effective and surest way of achieving success. For more information on OAS or Persona International, click here!

Environmental Leadership Survey (please click here to open)

The Environmental Leadership Survey is a customized employee feedback tool that combines the best of 360° feedback with the characteristics of an employee opinion, satisfaction, or engagement survey. This survey is customized to include your organization's specific culture, strategies, and leadership competencies. The quick turnaround results helps to improve employee satisfaction and performance while aligning your organization on those actions and behaviors that support your mission and strategy.

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