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Patina Solutions, a firm that provides proven, accomplished professionals with 25+ years of experience for key projects and engagements, announces that Howick Associates has joined the firm, forming Patina's new Leadership and Organizational Development Practice.

Patina Solutions views organizational, team, and individual performance holistically and believes every organization is a system where execution in one area is impacted by many other factors in the culture and work environment. This integrated view of the organization underlies many of the methodologies we use. Our work in each focus area employs specialized tools and methods that help builds capability and produces superior results. Through a collaborative process of discussion and discovery, we'll help you consider your options and choose the most practical course of action for maximum results.

We are committed to helping leaders take action to achieve strategic priorities. We begin by taking a systems view of leadership. While individual leader behavior and practices are critical, effective and results driven leadership occurs in a system comprised of clear values and vision as well as deep engagement in the overall strategy and competitive advantage of the organization. This means that the most effective leadership approaches are defined by the unique business strategy of the organization; effective leadership behaviors, processes, and structures vary from organization to organization. Click here to learn more about our Leadership Development and Results approach.

As a result of our work (client stories), leaders are confident that they can respond “Yes”, when asked the following questions:

  • Are you getting the return you would like out of your investment in developing leaders?
  • Are senior leaders in your organization taking the actions necessary to drive leadership development?
  • Is there clear accountability for leadership development across your organization?
  • Will you have the leadership capacity to meet future strategic challenges and competitive pressures?
  • Is leadership development one of your organization's competitive advantages?

Contact us now for insights into how we can help you answer with a firm “yes” as well.

    Our Values:

  • Collaborating in respectful, honest, candid relationships with our clients and each other
  • Discovering ways to release the creative potential in one another
  • Including everyone affected by change efforts, optimizing organizational and group systems as well as individual contributions
  • Working on projects that have the potential for effective change, significant systems improvement, and high value for our clients
  • Encouraging people to experience the excitement, enthusiasm, and energy that comes with trying something new
  • Valuing everyone for their knowledge and potential to contribute to effective change and improvement
  • Engaging the knowledge, expertise, and energy of a group through expert facilitation
  • Helping people internalize the capacity to change and improve
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